Are Out-of-State Employees Covered By Minnesota Worker’s Comp?

While many of Minnesota’s smaller companies are native only to the state, so many more Minnesota companies are national chains or even international corporations. This can often mean that some employees that come to a work site are not always from the state of Minnesota. They could be engineers, managers, or otherwise area-specific specialists that… Read more »

Can You Sue Worker’s Compensation for Pain and Suffering?

In personal injury suits, often the amount that the injured party seeks is not just medical recompensation and coverage for lost wages, but they can sue for pain and suffering caused by the injury. Pain, be it physical or emotional, is a traumatic experience, which is why many personal injury suits include monetary compensation for… Read more »

Worker’s Compensation and Pre-Existing Injuries in Minnesota

It is a situation more common than most people would believe, and it can happen to anybody. However, for anyone who has been injured at work while also having a pre-existing injury, it can mean a tough road ahead when it comes to filing for worker’s compensation in Minnesota. Consider, for example, that you were… Read more »

Can You Quit Your Job on Worker’s Compensation?

For most people who are injured at work, they have two primary worries – not getting fired for their injury and if they qualify for worker’s compensation benefits. However, on occasion, a work-related injury can bring about a change in us. Maybe that injury was the last straw at your particular job. While you were… Read more »

What is an Employer’s Responsibility in Worker’s Compensation Claims?

Many injured workers believe that their worker’s compensation claim is solely on them and their lawyer. However, while in many facets this is very much true, there are many parts to a successful worker’s compensation case that falls, not to you, but your employer. Your boss or supervisor has certain obligations when it comes to… Read more »

What is an Worker’s Compensation Impairment Rating?

When you get hurt at work, sometimes you heal up from the injury quickly and there are no real impairments from it. This makes the worker’s compensation process rather easy. However, other injuries are not always so simple. For more serious injuries, you might be left with a certain amount of impairment and disability, but… Read more »