Firefighters with PTSD: When Workers Comp Prevents Suicide

Throughout the country, first responders deal with an exceptionally high suicide rate compared to the rest of the population. Firefighters with PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder often hesitate to seek help for their problem because they fear repercussions. Oftentimes, consulting with a workers comp attorney means getting the compensation and medical costs covered in order… Read more »

Will You Be Under Surveillance After a Worker’s Compensation Claim?

Thanks to TV and other media, many people have been fed a lot of information about the worker’s compensation process. One of the most popularized ideas is that after they file a worker’s compensation claim, the insurance company will hire a private investigator to tail your every move. Unlike much of the information that TV… Read more »

Minnesota Workers Compensation Lawyer Helps in ‘Forced Retirement’

Need a Minnesota Workers Compensation Lawyer? Contact Joshua Borken today! If you are an older employee who suffered from an injury on the job, think twice before retiring early or quitting because of pressure from an employer. According to an article by, three-fourths of employees intend to work beyond the age of 65. In… Read more »

What Happens When you Get Fired While On Worker’s Compensation?

First of all, let’s start off with this – it is illegal to fire an employee simply for the reason that they were pursuing a worker’s compensation claim. However, you can get fired while on worker’s compensation and it is completely legal. They can fire you due to previous work performance or simply because they… Read more »

Healthcare Benefits Covered by Minnesota Worker’s Compensation

If you have been hurt at work, anyone will tell that you can get compensation for your medical bills and lost wages through the Minnesota worker’s compensation system. However, that can mean a lot of different things and most people won’t be specific on what medical bills you can be reimbursed for. They just simply… Read more »

Minnesota Worker’s Compensation Lawyer

The Three Types of Worker’s Compensation Settlements For most, they believe that the end of their worker’s compensation case is when they settle. The injured worker and the insurance company have both come to an agreement on how much you will receive and that is the end of it. For some claims, it is true,… Read more »

What to Do When You Are Injured By a Co-Worker at Work

For some workplace injuries, they happen to you and you alone. A piece of equipment malfunctions or you trip and fall, and suddenly you find yourself rushing off to the hospital with a worker’s compensation claim in your future. While even those cases can be less complicated, many workplace accidents don’t happen just because something… Read more »

Are Worker’s Compensation Benefits Taxable?

Tax season is upon us, and most workers are used to having their income taxed. However, many workers aren’t used to making anything they consider extra so they might not know how to handle it on their tax forms. If you also collected worker’s compensation benefits this year, you may be wondering if it was… Read more »