Helping Recover Workers’ Compensation For Ankle And Hip Injuries

An ankle or hip injury sustained at work can threaten your ability to walk, let alone work. These injuries can be caused by repetitive stress, a slip-and-fall accident or heavy lifting in a warehouse, factory or construction site. Skilled workplace injury lawyer Joshua Borken at the Law Office Of Joshua Borken in St. Paul knows the challenges you face after a work injury that sidelines, hospitalizes or disables you. Mr. Borken has successfully handled many workers’ compensation claims cases, winning wage and medical benefits for hardworking, deserving Minnesotans.

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Representing Workplace Accident Victims With Serious Ankle And Hip Injuries

Mr. Borken listens carefully to your account of how your work accident happened. He researches your claim and represents you by dealing with your employer’s insurer, with the goal of obtaining your workers’ comp benefits. If litigation in a courtroom is necessary, Mr. Borken provides a strong voice for your legal, financial and health needs. When a traumatic event at your job leads to a disabling ankle or hip injury, throwing you out of work and even into the hospital, in need of an income and getting payment for medical bills, turn to us at the Law Office Of Joshua Borken. We can help. Your initial consultation is free and can take place wherever you are, if your injury prevents you from coming to us.

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