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Facts about Workers’ Compensation in Minnesota

by | Apr 25, 2017 | Uncategorized

Most people who work in Minnesota are covered by workers’ compensation insurance. When a worker is hurt, it is important that he or she understands the rights afforded by this insurance. According to the Minnesota Department of Labor & Industry, all employers are required to have insurance either through the state’s workers’ compensation program or another approved program that provides for employees who are hurt on the job.

Insurance of this type should cover lost wages and medical expenses for the worker. Individuals may also be able to get coverage for rehabilitation and training needed to be able to return to work. Injuries covered are any that are caused or aggravated by regular work activities and can include those caused by an accident or repetitive injuries caused over time.

The injured worker can choose which medical provider to see for diagnosis and treatment in most cases. Sometimes the worker may have to see an employer designated medical provider or an agreed upon medical provider. However, independent medical exams can be requested and the employee must consent or risk losing the compensation provided by the insurance.

Employees must report any injuries immediately to their employer following proper protocols. The employer is then required to complete a First Report of Injury form. In addition, if a person suspects another person of committing workers’ compensation fraud, he or she must report it to the Minnesota Department of Commerce’s Fraud Prevention. If a person knows an employer is not insured, this should be reported to the Department of Labor & Industry.