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What should I do after a workplace accident?

by | Aug 11, 2017 | Uncategorized

One of the challenges you face every day when you go to work in Saint Paul is staying safe. Workplace accidents are very prevalent and can happen anywhere, especially while you are at work. According to, workplace accidents are the cause of 5,000 deaths each year. The number of employees who sustain injuries while on the job is 2.9 million. You may not anticipate being in a workplace accident. But unfortunate incidents often happen unexpectedly.

Learn about measures you should take after a workplace accident. Not knowing what to do and taking too long to act can lead to complications your workers’ compensation claim.

File an incident report

No matter the cause of your accident, you should file a report with your employer. If you are not familiar with your job’s protocol for workplace accidents, review your employee handbook and company’s policies. You might also benefit from going to human resources for assistance with making an incident report.

Get checked for injuries

Assess yourself for injuries. Even if you feel fine, you should have yourself checked out by a doctor. Keep in mind that your employer may have certain requirements in place for the doctors they want their workers to see when there are accidents. See any doctor your job specifies or your own, so there is documentation of your injuries and treatments.

Follow up on your claim

Most employers file workers’ compensation claims for their injured employees. Your employer may not. Check with your job to make sure they have filed your claim. If they have not, get the forms you need, fill them out completely and accurately and file them yourself.

Workers’ compensation claims are time-sensitive. If you file your claim more than 14 days after your accident, your claim could be denied. Once you file it, keep track of it so you can provide any additional information to prevent delays and complications with your claim.