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Moving forward after a work zone accident

by | Sep 1, 2017 | Uncategorized

Workers face a wide variety of threats each day, whether a construction worker falls off of a building, an office worker slips on a wet floor, or an electrician is shocked, to name just a few. Having said that, work zones can be particularly dangerous in Saint Paul, and all over the state of Minnesota. The Fellman Law Office knows that those who are required to work in a work zone may be injured or even killed in a crash, the details of which vary from one incident to another.

Setting aside intense heat and other weather-related risks, those working in a highway construction zone may be struck by a vehicle driven by a random driver or a co-worker. They may be hit by someone traveling at a dangerously high speed or by a work truck that was backing up inappropriately. Another hazard is the use of dangerous equipment. Clearly, work zones can be an incredibly dangerous place for people to work and those who find their lives thrown into chaos over an accident should do what they can to move forward.

Fortunately, workers who sustain injuries and families who lose loved ones in workplace accidents have options. For example, you could be able to obtain workers’ comp benefits if you were hit by a car while performing your job duties, which could provide you with compensation or job training you need. If you head over to our workplace vehicle accidents section, you can read through more material related to work zone crashes.