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Encouraging worker safety on construction sites

by | Oct 30, 2017 | Uncategorized

Construction sites are dotted with all kinds of risks and dangers. Heavy equipment and machinery, precarious circumstances and constant noise can contribute to an environment that must be carefully navigated to avoid unnecessary and serious accidents. Fortunately, there are many preventative steps that proactive Minnesota construction companies can take in encouraging their workers to be safe and follow the rules.

Safety and Health Magazine shared several ideas for companies looking to prioritize safety on construction sites. These include the following:

  • Make training materials accessible: Training employees is an effective way to educate and encourage employees to follow safety protocols and procedures. However, following formal trainings, all materials should be readily accessible to workers for their constant reference and continued learning.
  • Highlight leadership and communication: Workers should always know who their foreman and superintendent are so they can immediately report any concerns. Additionally, communication is crucial to guaranteeing that potential problems are addressed immediately before they cause dangerous problems. With responsible leadership and consistent communication in place, a construction site will be significantly safer for its workers.
  • Implement a “buddy system:” Construction companies can benefit greatly from implementing a “buddy system” and encouraging their workers to always work alongside someone else. This is especially important for higher risk jobs and for workers who are new to the site and industry.

Targeted safety courses that address common accidents on a construction site can help provide job-site leaders with suggestions for what safety measures to consider on various jobs. These courses can also give insight into how to react to certain situations that could be potentially dangerous.

Statistics gathered by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration report that construction accidents account for one out of five workplace fatalities each year.