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Deadly vehicle collision at mine kills 2 workers

by | Nov 7, 2017 | Uncategorized

Workplace safety in Minnesota is often highly encouraged and taught through informative trainings, hands-on experience and observation. However, even the most rigorous protocols are sometimes incapable of preventing accidents and injuries from occurring on a job.

This was the case in a recent incident at a gold mine in Northern Nevada where two workers were fatally injured in a collision. The accident occurred when a large haul truck ran over a van with nine workers inside. A mine trainee and a safety coordinator received fatal injuries and were pronounced dead. The other seven occupants suffered various injuries that required medical attention. All of them were later released. The worker operating the truck also received treatment for shock, which required hospitalization.

An official investigation into the accident and what caused it, begun shortly after the incident occurred. Temporarily, all operations at the mine are suspended until the investigation is complete. Officials were hopeful to find answers to prevent further accidents. The company’s president expressed sympathy for the workers and their families, who were involved in the collision. He noted that employee safety is a primary priority and he reiterated his company’s commitment to keeping workers safe. He pledged full cooperation with continuing investigations. Currently, the names of the victims have not been publicized.

For people who have been injured in a workplace accident or have a loved one suffering workplace trauma, they may wish to speak with an attorney. Professional insight may help to alleviate some stress and provide assistance with complicated cases.

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