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Recognizing the importance of OSHA investigations

by | Feb 3, 2018 | Uncategorized

For many companies in Minnesota, the thought of an OSHA investigator walking through the door is both terrifying and stressful. Many businesses are unable to see the value of such investigations because their vision is clouded with concerns about the way they conduct their organizational processes. However, encounters with OSHA do not have to be negative and can actually provide many advantages to businesses everywhere.

According to Chron, there are several reasons why OSHA is important in any company. These include the following:

  • Inspections can encourage employee responsibility and may help to reduce the number of unnecessary injuries and worker’s compensation claims.
  • Inspections can help reveal areas that require immediate attention to provide optimal security and safety for employees.
  • Inspections can provide incentive for businesses to maintain their safety practices to avoid facing fines, penalties and legal consequences.
  • Inspections can encourage compliance within an organization and provide a reminder of important standards to be observed.

Businesses who wish to be proactive about maintaining the safety of their facilities and employees are much more likely to feel calm and confident when an OSHA investigator shows up. The Safety and Health Magazine reminds companies to keep copies of important documents in a secure location for convenient accessibility when an investigation is required. They should also be familiar with basic information regarding the nature of the company, how many employees are currently working and who is in charge at the time of the investigation. Manners are also critical to maintain a positive image and set the scene for an effective discussion of workplace safety and efficiency.