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Can I receive workers’ compensation if I am attacked at work?

by | Mar 15, 2018 | Uncategorized

When it comes to workers’ compensation benefits, you might think they only apply when you suffer injuries in a workplace accident in the Saint Paul area. After all, many incidents that occur on the job involve falls, repetitive strain and stress. What you might not realize is that workers’ compensation also offers benefits for workers who experience certain types of workplace violence.

Workplace violence is not exclusive to any particular industry. It can happen on any worksite and work environment. Some careers have a higher workplace violence risks than others. Here is a brief overview of workers’ compensation benefits and workplace violence.

The many forms of workplace violence

The first thing that might come to mind when you think of violence on the job is a customer attack. However, many violent incidents that occur on the job do not involve the public. The perpetrators are often co-workers and supervisors. The most common tactics of violence that occur in employee-on-employee violence are threats, bullying, harassment and assault. Most employers have a no-tolerance policy for workplace violence. However, not all workers abide by them. Usually, incidents of violence that occur on the job involve employee altercations.

Stipulations apply in workplace altercation

Workers who are hurt on the job after being assaulted, harassed or bullied by another employee may qualify to receive workers’ compensation benefits. Their injuries and the altercation must be a direct result of their employer not exercising due diligence in the hiring process and maintaining a safe worksite. Not all workplace violence incidents qualify. If the attack was not associated with work, you are the primary aggressor and it had to do with your personal life instead of work, workers’ compensation may deny you benefits.

You must report all workplace incidents that result in harm, even those that are caused by workplace violence. If you are dealing with the aftermath of injuries from a workplace altercation or have questions about the claims process, you might find it beneficial to speak with an attorney.