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Can you file a worker’s compensation claim for depression?

by | Mar 15, 2018 | Uncategorized

Most workers in Minnesota are aware they are entitled to worker’s compensation for physical injuries that result from the job, but many are not aware that depression may also be covered. While proving this condition is related to work can be more challenging, it is worth pursuing because of the emotional and financial tolls this mental health condition can take.

According to the EHS Today, depression is a serious issue, as it is one of the chief causes of injury and death for women and men across the world. Depression in the workplace is often related to a serious work injury. This is because an injury decreases how he or she functions at work, which can ultimately result in problems with income production, love of hobbies and life at home. Depression often extends the length of the original injury and costs the employer even more money in worker’s compensation.

Despite the fact depression is detrimental to the workplace, getting compensation for it is harder than for physical injuries, especially if there was not an injury that preceded it. According to FindLaw, depression or other mental injury must be accompanied with proof in order for worker’s compensation to be granted. A claimant typically needs to prove both medical and legal causation. With medical, a psychiatrist or medical doctor must conclude that the depression is related to the job. The case must then go through legal channels to prove the cause is work-related. Because it is more challenging to win a depression-related worker’s compensation claim, it is best to consult with an attorney.