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FIU bridge collapse leaves accused contractors in hot water

by | Mar 20, 2018 | Uncategorized

For many Minnesota construction companies, the safety and protection of their employees is a reigning priority. However, there are still times when due to human error, equipment malfunction or environmental hazards, workers are put at risk and accidents happen. Whenever an injury does occur, it should be addressed immediately to prevent further harm from happening to anyone else.

In a recent incident that has captured attention nationwide, a bridge collapse at Florida International University in Miami, Florida resulted in the tragic death of six innocent people. The 950-ton pedestrian bridge was designed to provide an effective way for people, particularly students, to cross from one side of Eighth Street to the other. In an accident that stunned the nation, the bridge collapsed in a dramatic fall and crushed several cars underneath. Interestingly, two of the biggest contractors for the pricey project have been previously accused of unsafe practices. One of the construction companies was recently accused in a lawsuit that alleged a TSA worker at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport was severely injured when a makeshift bridge collapsed while he was on it. The lawsuit alleges the incident could have been prevented if the company had not done shoddy work. Investigations continue into why the bridge collapsed and if either of the construction companies will face formal charges.

If people have loved ones that have been injured in a construction accident, an attorney may be a valuable ally as they build their case. A legal professional can provide knowledgeable guidance as evidence is collected and timelines are developed.