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3 mistakes to avoid with your workers’ compensation claim

by | Apr 13, 2018 | Uncategorized

Most injuries and ailments that occur while on the job and from performing work-related tasks in Saint Paul are compensable by workers’ compensation. If you are getting ready to file a claim for benefit after a workplace injury, you should learn everything about the claims process first. Getting a benefits claim is not a slam dunk.

You may qualify for workers’ compensation benefits by law; however, the approval process is complex. Your claim could be denied for a variety of reasons, but you can appeal an initial denial. However, you should avoid making the following mistakes with your claim the first time to forgo the need for an appeal:

Missed notification deadline

Inform your employer of all accidents and injuries that occur at work. Notification must be in writing. Most employers have official workplace incident and accident forms for employees to use. In addition to documenting your injuries, you must do so within a certain time. If you wait too long to file a report, you could end up missing out on benefits.

Did not meet drug test requirement

Most employers require their workers to take drug and alcohol tests to determine if the accident that caused their injuries were potentially influenced by those substances. Testing is also a state requirement. If you do not take the test or you fail it, there is a strong possibility of your claim getting denied. Keep in mind that many employers do not condone the use of alcohol and drugs that impair abilities and have policies against their use.

Employer disputes claim

Employers have the right to dispute workers’ compensation claims. There are many reasons why they may do so. Common concerns that cause employers to dispute claims are that they are concerned about an increase in their workers’ compensation insurance premiums or they do not believe your accident happened the way you claim and that you are faking your injuries.

Dealing with the workers’ compensation system is not easy. Many first-time applicants make mistakes that cause delays that ultimately lead to their claims ending up denied. Legal representation is advised to help improve chances of approval.