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What protocol should you follow after being injured at work?

by | May 7, 2018 | Uncategorized

You have been experiencing persistent and discomforting pain and you are beginning to suspect that it is related to your job. The pain seems to be initiated when you are performing certain job duties, and you do not recall experiencing it before you undertook your assigned responsibilities. Now, you are starting to wonder if you are dealing with a workplace injury. So, what do you do from here? Fortunately, when you follow a general protocol for filing a workers’ compensation claim in Minnesota, you may have a good chance at receiving compensation.

According to the Workers’ Compensation Board, if your injury is severe, you should acquire medical attention immediately. It is important to verify that the medical provider is within the network of your company’s workers’ compensation policy. Then, you must immediately notify a superior who can direct you in how to create a claim. When writing your claim, you should provide helpful details and a timeline of events leading up to the injury. Failing to write your claim in enough time may void your ability to receive compensation. After your claim has been submitted, you should consider the following:

  • Adhering to your doctor’s advice regarding treatment and rehabilitation.
  • Be present at any hearings related to your case and potential compensation agreements.
  • Receiving a medical evaluation to receive a clean bill of health from your doctor before you return to work.

The information in this article is intended for educational purposes only and should not be taken as legal advice.