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Why are construction sites so dangerous?

by | Jun 1, 2018 | Uncategorized

Construction jobs in Minnesota are well-known for being dangerous. Injuries and even deaths occur almost daily on site throughout the state. There are many government and private agencies working to keep you safe when you work in this industry, but despite that accidents still happen. So, what makes construction sites so dangerous even though the dangers are clearly known?

According to Safe Start, a lot of the danger the leads to construction accidents is because of the mindset of workers and those in charge. For example, when working with hazardous equipment, you probably are very focused and aware of the dangers. However, when you are just walking across the site, your guard is likely down. This is when accidents happen. You are not focused on safety. Your mind is not where it should be.

Another issue is that construction sites change a lot. They are not a stable work environment like an office where you know this desk is always there, that desk is always here and the printer is always over there. Equipment has to be moved where it is needed and those needs can change often. So, you do not have the luxury of a set workspace where you can get used to watching for hazards in specific areas.

Lastly, high turnover is a problem. If you work for a company that has people coming and going a lot, it could mean there are quite a few people who are not as well-trained as they should be operating machinery and equipment. A site that has a high number of people who are not completely trained lends itself to more accidents. This information is for education and is not legal advice.