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What are the fatal four?

by | Jul 10, 2018 | Uncategorized

The construction industry is inherently dangerous. The nature of the work puts workers in harms way often. That is why there is so much focus within the industry on safety. Many accidents and injuries on Minnesota construction sites can easily be avoided by recognizing hazards and practicing proper safety protocols. In fact, there are four specific hazardous situations that are recognized in the industry as the fatal four, according to EHS Today. The fatal four are those accidents that cause the most injuries and deaths of construction workers. Knowing what they are can help keep you safer on the job.

One of the fatal four is electrocutions. This hazard is self-explanatory. It includes any instance where someone is exposed to electricity in a way they receive a shock. Avoiding electrocution accidents means just being more aware of electrical lines and hazards and taking proper precautions to work safely around them.

Another of the fatal four is falls. There are many chances to fall on a construction site, especially if your work includes being on raised platforms or using scaffolding. Following safety protocols and ensuring all structures are secure can help reduce falls.

The third of the fatal four is caught between objects. This could include falling into, being sucked into or simply walking between two objects. Mainly, paying attention to your surroundings can help reduce your chances of this type of accident.

The final of the fatal four is struck by object. Again, much like caught between objects accidents, paying attention to your surroundings can prevent being struck. You also should always wear safety gear and be alert and aware when operating equipment and moving supplies.

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