Union Workers

Minnesota Workers’ Comp Lawyer

Union workers have certain rights through their unions, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the help will be there when injured on the job. Union representatives aren’t attorneys and they don’t typically negotiate with insurance companies, but they can guide the employee through the process. Their main function, however, is to negotiate with employers to ensure that the employer provides employees with fair wages, fair hours, and simply treats them fairly overall.

When injured on the job, it is still up to the worker to file their workers’ compensation claim and, if they need to, it is the union workers responsibility to get an attorney to help them with claim filings and/or denials.

If you have been injured on the job and you need to or have filed and your workers’ comp claim was denied, the Law Office of Joshua Borken can help you. When you have an experienced St. Paul workers’ compensation attorney by your side, you increase your chances of receiving the compensation you need.

Understanding The Role Of Unions

There are times when unions step in on workers’ comp matters that cause the union to be looked down upon. What the unions can do is encourage better safety practices within the company so that they provide a benefit to the members, while also assisting the employer in lowering the cost of workers’ compensation. Union support can be great for improving the safety within industries, as unions have promoted the use of hard hats, safety gear, and protective eyewear.

Where the union can make a difference for an injured employee is when the job needs to be held open until the employee recovers. Usually, the union will have a labor agreement that says the employer needs to hold the injured employee’s job open for them.

When a union steward guides an injured employee though the work comp process, they will do such things as help arrange the proper medical care so the employee can start to recover faster.

An Experienced Attorney Can Guide You

When you have an experienced St. Paul workers’ compensation attorney working with you, you are able to tackle the legal elements of the matter. Unions that boast that their union members receive more in workers’ compensation payments than non-union workers aren’t necessarily being truthful. It is through the advocacy of an attorney that you can maximize your benefits and obtain them as soon as possible.

Contact A St. Paul Workers’ Compensation Attorney

If you are a union worker, you have certain rights with the union and a degree of advocacy. However, that may not help you with your workers’ comp claim. If you file a claim and it is denied, you will still need an experienced attorney by your side, helping you fight the denial so that you can get the approval you need. To learn more about how the Law Office of Joshua Borken can help you, call (651) 505-3580 to schedule a free consultation.