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A Must-Read Article on the Destruction of Workers’ Compensation

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2018 | Workers' Compensation

A lot of people think the changes to the work comp system in Oklahoma and other southern states can’t possibly happen in Minnesota. If it can happen somewhere, it can happen anywhere. The erosion of workers’ compensation benefits and the possibility of opt-out legislation is real.

The struggles faced by these injured workers mirror the struggles faced by many of my clients. Months or years of waiting for medical bills to be reimbursed or wage loss benefits to be paid are an unfortunate reality of the Minnesota system too. It’s important for workers, legislators, attorneys and all Minnesotans to stay vigilant against these types of changes mentioned in the article below.

As a member of the Minnesota Association of Justice, I work closely with other petitioner’s attorneys to recommend positive changes to the workers’ compensation system. Through cooperation between union members, workers, and legislators, we can make sure the work comp system in Minnesota is fair to injured workers and provides them the benefits they need in times of crisis. Employers and insurance companies must be held responsible for injuries employees suffer at work, for it is a cost too high to be borne by injured workers alone. The system in Minnesota isn’t perfect and for many it cannot possibly give back what they have had taken away. Give it a read: