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Fighting for the Rights of Injured Workers in St. Paul and the Iron Range Area of Minnesota

Fighting for the Rights of Injured Workers in St. Paul and the Iron Range Area of Minnesota

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Helping Minnesota’s Injured Workers Find Restitution

Being injured on the job can change your life, but there are laws in Minnesota that allow workers to get proper compensation and medical treatment when such injuries occur. These laws involve the workers’ compensation benefits that many workers have to use in order to recover from their injuries.

In addition to wage replacement and medical benefits, the injured worker can also take advantage of programs that get them back into the workforce so they can once again earn a wage. If you have been injured on the job and you need assistance filing for workers’ compensation or your claim has been denied and you need to appeal, the Law Office Of Joshua Borken can help you. When you work with Josh, you have an attorney advocating for you as he fights for the compensation you deserve.

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A Minnesotan, Representing Minnesota’s Workers

Attorney Josh Borken was raised in Bloomington, Minnesota, and has spent his life, earned his education and built his career in the region. Josh knows the workers and the industries in this area, and he knows how to fight back so that workers’ rights are protected. Having represented employers and insurance companies in workers’ compensation claims, Josh has learned their tips and tricks, and he knows how to use those tactics to help injured workers fight back.

Helping Injured Workers

Helping Injured

From construction to manufacturing, we help workers in various industries.

Workplace Injuries


Josh can help workers who have suffered serious injuries, from falling to back and neck problems.

Workers' Compensation


The process can be complicated. Josh can help you figure out what you need to know.

Workers' Rights In Minnesota

Workers’ Rights
In Minnesota

Helping you understand your rights so that employers don’t try to take advantage of you.

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“I would like to extend my deepest thanks to him for the awesome work he did. He has truly made a difference in my world. Thank you so much, Joshua!” – Mary K.

“When no one else would take my case, Josh did. He fought hard for me and won! He always listened to me and did what was best for me.” – James S.

“Josh and his team were with me every step of the way, sometimes even ahead of me. If you are in a situation with a difficult employer, I would want this lawyer on your side.” – Terri L.

“He made sure I knew everything going on, answered all my many, many questions and made me feel like I wasn’t a bother. HIGHLY recommend and will refer all friends and family! ” – Amanda G.

“Josh was Awesome! He explained the case in detail to what was the best way was to deal with it and was up-front and honest. There’s no way I could have gotten a better result!” – Loren B.

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