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For Injured Workers

Josh Gets Results

For Injured Truck Drivers

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Josh Gets Results

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Josh Gets Results

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In addition to wage replacement and medical benefits, the injured worker can also take advantage of programs that get them back into the workforce so they can once again earn a wage. If you have been injured on the job and you need assistance filing for workers’ compensation or your claim has been denied and you need to appeal, the Law Office Of Joshua Borken can help you. When you work with Josh, you have an attorney advocating for you as he fights for the compensation you deserve.


Helping Injured Workers

From construction to manufacturing, we help workers in various industries.


Workplace Injuries

Josh can help workers who have suffered serious injuries, from falling to back and neck problems.


Understanding Workers’ Compensation

The process can be complicated. Josh can help you figure out what you need to know.


Workers’ Rights In Minnesota

Helping you understand your rights so that employers don’t try to take advantage of you.


Case Results


He thoroughly explained my rights and responsibilities as an injured worker and assured me I had done nothing wrong. He did everything in his power to expedite my case due to my financial situation, and was successful in settling my case in less than a year with more than positive results!! If you are looking for an exemplary workman’s comp. lawyer, Josh is your man!! – Cheryl

Joshua is very good in his work and he gets the job done quickly for your health benefits. – Elona

Best workers’ compensation lawyer out there […]He keeps you up to date with your case, he is very trustworthy, honest, respectful and caring. And you don’t have to wait a week or more to get a return call from him. – Kim

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