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I have never met a person who I would trust to handle my entire life with, besides my husband, until I met Joshua. Having multiple injuries, including a concussion, I would have lost a lot if it wasn’t for his persistence to put pressure on the insurance company to pay and his dedication to me as a person. I am thankful I picked the right lawyer. Trust me you need him if you should ever get hurt on the job.


Joshua is very good in his work and he gets the job done quickly for your Health Benefits.


I had never injured myself at work before so it was a very confusing and worry-some time for me. Right away at my first meeting with Josh I was put at ease by his professional yet courteous manner. He thoroughly explained my rights and responsibilities as an injured worker and insured me I had done nothing wrong. He did everything in his power to expedite my case due to my financial situation, and was successful in settling my case in less than a year with more than positive results!! If you are looking for an exemplary workman’s comp. lawyer Josh is your man!!


Best workers’ compensation lawyer out there, I have to say, Attorney Joshua Borken, is the very best Worker’s Comp. Attorney there is. He is extremely knowledgeable with all the Worker’s Compensation Laws. I have dealt with different Attorney’s in my life and none of them compare to Mr. Borken. I have had family members and many friends say they wish they would have known about my Attorney, Mr. Joshua Borken, because they didn’t get very good results with the Attorney’s they had hired He is excellent at what he does. He keeps you up to date with your case, he is very trustworthy, honest, respectful and caring. And you don’t have to wait a week or more to get a return call from him. I live over 300 miles away from his office. Because of my disabilities I couldn’t travel to his office, and I had no problems what so ever with any communication or paperwork to do with my case, because I couldn’t get to his office. Mr. Borken is REALLY looking out for your best interest. I had a very difficult Worker’s Compensation case and it didn’t look like I would win, but because of Mr. Borken’s extreme knowledge of the Worker’s Compensation laws, I won my case . I know that no one would ever go wrong hiring Mr. Borken as their Attorney for any Worker’s Comp. case. I just can’t say enough good about him or his abilities.