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After Loss Of A Limb, We Can Help You Put Your Life Back Together

A serious limb injury that causes amputation or renders the limb useless is devastating. Everything changes from how everyday activities are carried out to whether or not the injured can return to their field of work. When the injury happens on the job, the game changes – workers’ compensation may be available to provide wage replacement and medical benefits, as well as the opportunity to train in a different field of work.

If you have been injured on the job, you may be able to file a workers’ comp claim. If you already have done so and been denied, you can fight the denial. With the help of an experienced St. Paul workers’ comp attorney, you can get the results that you need to recover and move your life in the right direction.

Helping You Build A Strong Claim

An experienced attorney can build a strong claim for you based on the facts. What happened, why it happened, medical records and the prognosis are some of the things that are used to build your claim. Even with a strong claim, it is possible for the claim to be denied. Many initial claims are not approved for a number of reasons. The good news is that they are usually approved the second time. If your claim not, then Josh Borken will take your case as far as it needs to go.

Answers That Help You Make The Right Decisions

You will have some very important decisions to make when faced with workers’ compensation. For instance, you may be out of work for a long time, so that means that it may be wise to file for total disability so that benefits can continue indefinitely. The alternative is benefits that will run out, possibly before you are ready to return to work.

You must also decide if you want weekly benefits or a lump sum. There are pros and cons to each of these that an experienced St. Paul workers’ comp attorney can advise you on. While your attorney serves as your advocate, you are the one who calls the shots.

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Amputation of a limb or loss of use of a limb is devastating, as quality of life is compromised due to the pain and suffering associated with the injury and the fact everyday activities can be made more difficult. If you have lost a limb or complete use of one in an on-the-job injury, you may be able to file a workers’ comp claim. To learn about your rights and options, call the Law Office Of Joshua Borken at 651-321-0778 to schedule a free consultation.