Josh Gets Results for injured workers
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A History Of Success

The Law Office of Joshua Borken represents injured workers throughout Minnesota, with offices in St. Paul and Hibbing. Please continue reading to view a sampling of our past case results. If you wish to schedule a free consultation to discuss your work-related injuries, please complete our online contact form.

Past Case Results

  • First attorney to ever obtain a judge’s award of medical cannabis.
  • Successfully won a hearing awarding foot surgery for line supervisor injured while carrying paint buckets.
  • Settled forklift operator permanent back and neck injuries for $367,000.00, including fund and annual payments for future medical treatment
  • Settled snow shoveling back injury suffered by car dealership worker for $130,000.00, and her husband’s shoulder injury from working as a baker for $75,000.00.
  • Settled complex opioid overdose claim resulting in trust fund for 3-year-old daughter of worker.
  • Successfully obtained knee replacement surgery for iron range water treatment operator.
  • Successfully obtained medications for permanently disabled retail worker.
  • Successfully obtained wage loss benefits, significant out of pocket expenses, and medical treatment for state worker.
  • Settled auto mechanic retraining claim for $117,500.
  • Settled motor plant worker permanent neck injury claim for $230,000.
  • Obtained $165,000 settlement for injured worker with thumb amputation and PTSD.
  • Successfully won at heating shoulder surgery for CNA.
  • Successfully won at hearing knee surgery for client with severe learning disability.
  • Settled union firefighter case for knee and shoulder injuries for $150,000.
  • Settled retraining case for injured union laborer who underwent lumbar spine surgery for $185,000.
  • Successfully obtained permanent total disability and supplementary benefits for Hibbing utilities worker.
  • Successfully defeated city’s allegation of fraud against firefighter reversed city’s denial of knee surgery and wage loss benefits with fully favorable verdict.
  • Reversed denial of detached retina injury to barista and obtained reimbursement of client’s out of pocket expenses incurred from eye surgery, payment of wage loss and a 7% PPD rating.
  • Reversed insurance company’s discontinuance of wage loss, vocational rehabilitation and medical benefits for office cubicle builder with low back and right leg injuries with fully favorable verdict.
  • Settled insurance company’s denial of permanent total disability benefits for warehouse worker’s ankle injury in the amount of $150,000.
  • Obtained total knee replacement surgery for Hibbing mine worker.
  • Settled insurance company’s denial of lumbar fusion surgery for certified nurse’s assistant in the amount of $69,000.
  • Settled multiple insurance companies’ denials of partial knee replacement and rotator cuff repair surgery and wage loss benefits for boat mechanic who had been repairing boats for over 20 years in the amount of $125,000.00.
  • Settled insurance company’s denial of total shoulder replacement surgery and wage loss benefits for permanently disabled nurse practitioner in the amount of $120,000.
  • Reversed insurance company’s denial of viscosupplementation injections for nurse’s assistant. Medical expenses awarded.
  • Reversed denied heart injury claim with fully favorable verdict.
  • Reversed denial for repetitive assembly line worker shoulder injury. All medical bills awarded.
  • Reversed insurance company’s denial of low back injury for Iron Range high school custodian medical expenses awarded.