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Helping Utility Workers Gain Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Utility workers have dangerous jobs, as they have to climb to great heights to work on highly dangerous utility lines. The job is done in the rain, snow, floods, ice storms and some of the worst conditions imaginable to people who don’t work in the field. For the utility worker, this means that their odds of injury are very high, with falls and electrocution being the two most common injuries for these highly skilled individuals.

If you are a utility worker who has been injured on the job and you want to file a workers’ compensation claim, or you have filed a claim and it has been denied, a St. Paul workers’ compensation attorney can help you recover the work comp benefits needed to heal as much as possible.

Help For All Utility Workers

Utility workers can work on poles, towers and buildings, and they can also work underground or dig into the ground. The following workers are considered utility workers:

  • Lineman
  • Cable installers
  • Natural gas workers
  • Water and sewer workers

There is much room for injury. For instance, a utility worker can fall. However, these workers are also open to injuries by third parties, which is a personal injury matter. A utility worker can claim workers’ compensation while seeking injury compensation from a third party as well, if that third party was at fault. This can help maximize compensation.

Common Types Of Utility Worker Injuries

There are different types of accidents and injuries that include:

  • Electrical lineman and cable TV workers who have fallen from utility poles and bucket trucks, typically resulting in broken bones, head injuries and back injuries
  • Electrical lineman and cable TV workers who have been electrocuted, with the resulting injuries being burns, broken bones, heart damage and brain damage
  • Water and sewer workers who have been injured or died from trench cave-ins; the crushing injuries can include broken bones, spinal injuries, head injuries and more
  • Natural gas or sewer workers who have been injured or killed in natural gas explosions, resulting in burns, broken bones, loss of limb or use of limbs, and many other injuries

If you have experienced any of these accidents, you need a Twin Cities workers’ compensation attorney working with you every step of the way. At the Law Office Of Joshua Borken, you will have an attorney by your side who has helped clients take their workers’ comp case as far as they need to go in order to obtain the compensation and benefits they deserve.

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Utility workers face many hazards on the job. They have to climb poles and work with equipment that poses a risk for injury, and those injuries can be very serious. If you are a utility worker who has been injured on the job, you may be able to file a workers’ comp claim so you can have the benefits you need while you recover. To learn more about your rights and options, call the Law Office Of Joshua Borken at 651-321-0778 to schedule a free consultation.