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Helping Iron Range Workers After A Serious Injury

The Iron Range is home to some of Minnesota’s richest natural resources. But extracting those resources is hard work. In fact, the Iron Range has produced some of the state’s most dangerous jobs, as workers toil daily in harsh, unforgiving conditions.

At Law Office Of Joshua Borken, we assist Iron Range workers who have sustained serious injuries while on the job. We know that having to take time off of work while recovering is not only stressful, but can also be financially difficult. We’ll work with you to file workers’ compensation claims and help you pursue any possible personal injury cases. Even if you have been denied workers’ comp, we’ll work with you to appeal and try to place you in a more favorable position moving forward.

Representing Clients Throughout The Iron Range

At our firm, we will connect you with an experienced attorney that will be able to help you plan your post-injury recovery process, while juggling any legal obligations you may have.

We assist clients who have been injured on the:

  • Cuyuna Range
  • Gunflint Range
  • Mesabi Range
  • Vermilion Range

We assist miners, truckers and those in administrative positions. Whether you’ve been hurt as a result of an accident, blast or explosion or the negligence of your coworkers, you should explore your options and take full advantage of any workers’ compensation available.

How Law Office Of Joshua Borken Can Help

Our reputation for obtaining workers’ compensation and personal injury restitutions speaks for itself. When we work with you from the beginning of the process, we’ll help you obtain control of your situation.

Contact our office at 651-321-0778 or use the online form to reach out and let us know how your injury occurred. We can start from there.