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Assisting Workers After A Carpal Tunnel Injury

Carpal tunnel syndrome is one of the most common types of repetitive injury, leaving the sufferer with severe pain in the arms and wrists. The carpal tunnel is a narrow passageway in the wrist that houses the nerves that connect to the forearm and the palm. When the tissues in this narrow area become inflamed, the median nerve is constricted, and this leads to pain and tenderness. This pain and tenderness can then interfere with work, especially when the job is the reason behind the condition.

If you have developed carpal tunnel because of repetitive strain at work, you may be able to file a workers’ compensation claim so you can receive financial payments, medical treatment and the rehabilitation that could help you re-enter the workforce. However, you may be like many who have filed their claim and experienced a delay or denial. If that’s the case, you can have a St. Paul workers’ comp lawyer representing your interests so that you can recover the benefits you need.

Expert Legal Help That Gets Results

Over 70 percent of workers’ comp claims are initially denied. This is usually due to more information being needed. Getting the claim approved may seem as simple as providing the requested information, but there are times it is more complicated than that. This doesn’t mean that you should give up and try and pay expenses on your own. Attempting to pay expenses out of pocket when out of work can be impossible.

Instead, your attorney will provide the information that is needed to complete the claim. If there are still issues with obtaining an approval, then there are additional steps that can be taken to get the claim approved. This is important since workers’ comp will pay for medical bills, lost wages, physical therapy costs and pharmaceutical costs.

You May Be Able To Return To Work After Carpal Tunnel

Surgery has always been the main form of carpal tunnel treatment. While surgery isn’t always necessary, it can do a lot for a person so they can return to work. If your doctor says you can, you can return to your former job or a job in a similar field. Fortunately, carpal tunnel is not an end for a worker, and workers’ compensation can give a worker the time and medical treatment that they need to return to work and once again earn a full wage.

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Carpal tunnel syndrome is a very painful condition that can interfere with everyday tasks and keep a person from being able to work. If you are experiencing complications due to carpal tunnel that are keeping you from doing your job, you may have a workers’ comp claim. If you have filed a claim and it has been denied, you can still receive the benefits that you need. To learn more about your rights and options, call the Law Office Of Joshua Borken at 651-321-0778 to schedule a free consultation.