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Can a Workers’ Comp Lawyer Make a Claim for a Companion Animal for Treating Work-related Depression?

On Behalf of | Sep 24, 2018 | Workers' Compensation

Anyone who’s ever suffered from chronic pain and depression knows how challenging these conditions can be. In some cases, chronic pain is caused from workplace injuries. Unfortunately, chronic pain and depression can be so severe that they can interfere with productivity or even lead to unemployment. One way depressed people can deal with depression is by adopting a companion animal.

If you’re undergoing depression from having chronic pain caused by a workplace injury and wondering if a workers’ compensation lawyer can make a claim for a companion animal for a work-related depression, the answer is yes. Here’s what you need to know about the benefits of companion animals for treating depression and how a workers’ compensation lawyer can help you.

What Is a Companion Animal?

Many people confuse companion animals with service animals, but they’re not quite the same. Companion animals, which are typically dogs, are used for only companionship instead of performing specific tasks as service dogs are trained to do. Unlike service dogs, even toy dog breeds, such as Chihuahuas, are used as companion animals to bring comfort and pleasure to suffering people.

How Companion Animals Can Help People Struggling with Depression from Chronic Pain

Often, workplace injuries can lead to chronic pain. Companion animals offer several benefits for people who fight with depression and especially depression caused by living with chronic pain. One of the main perks you receive from animals is unconditional love. In other words, pets, and particularly dogs, freely accept you without any judgment, whether you’re depressed, lonely or anxious. They give motivation to people who may even not want to get out of bed and face a new day.

These animals can give hurting people a reason to live because of the responsibility required in caring for their daily needs. For example, consider how a pet has to be fed, walked and given attention.

People dealing with panic attacks can benefit from having a companion dog. This is because of a dog’s ability to recognize the common signals of panic attacks. Many types of dog breeds can also block strangers who unexpectedly approach their handlers.

Another advantage of a companion animal is that it can help depressed people stay connected with others. When you walk a dog, you’re more likely to meet other owners walking their pets, which can lead to social interaction and improved emotional health.

Best Dog Breeds for Treating Depression

Although many animals can help with fighting depression, dogs are especially effective because of their affectionate nature. On the other hand, some breeds are better than others due to the differences in various dog personalities. Seven of best breeds for treating depression include Cavalier King Charles spaniels, Laboratory retrievers, poodles, golden retrievers, Yorkshire terriers, Viszlas and pugs.

Considerations and Warnings

  • According to a fairly recent article, a poll was taken showing the benefits of having pets at work in which 97 cat owners and 110 dog owners participated. Twenty-nine percent of cat owners and 21 percent of dog owners said their pets helped in relieving stress.
  • Companion animals can be an excellent resource for people who are no longer able to work. Consider how suddenly being unemployed can lead to loneliness and isolation. But when you have a furry friend to talk to and stroke, you don’t feet so alone.
  • Dogs can help people who battle bipolar disorder become calmer. In fact, according to a bipolar patient, having a dog to cuddle whenever he or she started to feel upset led to not having to stay overnight in a hospital.

Being physically injured at work can be devastating as it can affect both your physical and mental health, in addition to your ability to make a living. At the Law Office of Joshua Borken, we fight hard for people who’ve been injured at work. We do more than simply settle as we are also willing to go to court so that full compensation is recovered for our clients, including reimbursement for medical costs and everyday living costs. As a highly trained and experienced workers’ comp lawyer, I’ve actually made a claim for a companion animal with a doctor’s note. The claim included payment for a damage deposit, shots and food for the animal. Please contact us for a free consultation and learn more about our wide range of legal services.