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Hibbing, Minnesota is a close community filled with family and friends. It is 125 years old has produced such legends as Bob Dylan and basketball star Kevin McHale. It emerged originally as a mining town and is now more diversified with a number of different professions and populations. The people of the city have much in common with similar hopes and dreams. They expect that an honest days work is compensated fairly. That is why justice for worker’s that are stiffed out of earned wages or compensation is such an important issue. Many in the community find it an important consideration and are happy that there are lawyers to fight for worker’s compensation.

Hibbing has nine main neighborhoods which include Central Urban and Southern Urban.  Central Urban and Southern Urban neighborhoods tend to have the nicer houses, even though some are a bit on the older side. They are classified as stable with communities that maintain strong housing values.  Eastern Urban, North Central and Western Urban Neighborhoods are varied and considered emerging neighborhoods.  They have some investment and changing infrastructure that can help their property prices increase over time. Brooklyn, Burton Townsite, Kitzville and Kelly Lake neighborhoods have more irregular housing as well as mobile home parks. They are considered revitalization neighborhoods that need more intervention to help them get on the right track. Workers with compensation issues live in every single neighborhood in Hibbing.

The city of Hibbing is located in the broader St. Louis County, which is a large rectangular portion of north eastern Minnesota. St. Louis County borders Canada on the north and reaches all the way down to Duluth in the south, which touches Lake Superior. Other major cities in the county include Virginia, Ely, Babbitt, Eveleth and Mountain Iron. All of these towns have their own unique communities and qualities.

Duluth is the largest town in the county due to its historic role as a trading hub on Lake Superior. It has close to 90,000 people. Many of the inhabitants are descendants of German, Scottish and especially Scandinavian populations that immigrated to the US in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Duluth has a fairly stable population that is not growing or shrinking very rapidly. It is a hub for trade, tourism and production.

Iron Mountain is a historical mining town. Many residents from Hibbing used to work in the areas surrounding Iron Mountain and some still do. The population of Virginia similarly provided workers to mines around the Iron Mountain community. Those populations have important needs for worker’s compensation.

Mining is a dangerous profession with many injuries. Those are not only the obvious creaks, pains and physical disabilities. They also include trouble breathing, hearing and occasionally there is even mental anguish. Workers that are stricken with these conditions have the right to be compensated, especially when their activities of daily living (ADL) are compromised. Even if workers are able to return to work after an injury, they are entitled to full payment for the time that they missed.

For other professions that are less risky, like trade and tourism, worker’s compensations are still prevalent. Common issues include unpaid overtime wages, non-compliance with the Family and Medical Leave Act, as well as overly harsh working hours or conditions that were not agreed to in the employment contact. Of course, issues of discrimination, harassment and other workers issues are also common in all jobs.

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