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How To Choose The Right Workers’ Compensation Law Firm for You

On Behalf of | Sep 16, 2018 | Workers' Compensation

It seems like everywhere you look you find an advertisement for a workers’ compensation attorney. Big billboards making big claims that you can be justly rewarded for your work relatedinjuries if you just call this or that attorney. Firm websites will proclaim that they have a large number of attorneys or staff to take care of your claim. How do you know which workers compensation law firm is the right one for you? Below is a list of actions you should take and considerations you should make when determining how to choose the right workers’ compensation law firm.

  • Ask around. If you have a good friend or neighbor that has been through the workers’ compensation process, be sure the ask them about their experience and whether they hired an attorney. If they did, ask them whether they believe their attorney cared for their case, took their calls and concerns seriously, and whether they believe they received just compensation.
  • Research online. You can find many places online that allow people to rate and research attorneys, such as Avvo or Martindale Hubble, to determine whether they are the best attorney for that person. Explore the attorney’s website to learn more about the specific attorney. Ask to speak to the lead attorney at the firm and ask about how many years of experience the attorney has.
  • Ask other attorneys. If you know other attorneys or use an attorney for another reason, ask them if they have an attorney that they would recommend to go to bat for you. However, you should also ask whether they receive fees for referrals and whether they would use that attorney if there were no referral fees involved. Attorneys tend to know the best local attorneys in each area of the law and are not afraid to recommend them.
  • Ask for a free consultation. All workers’ compensation attorneys in Minnesota work on a contingency fee basis, meaning, they do not receive any compensation unless you receive benefits. All workers’ compensation attorneys charge the same amount pursuant to Minnesota law. That means, they are often willing to visit with you in a free consultation. You do not have to sign a contract or pay any money up front, so there is no reason not to meet or speak with an attorney offering a free consultation.

Additionally, when researching and interviewing an attorney, it is important to look for the right qualities to ensure you are getting the best attorney for your situation. When you speak to an attorney or read about an attorney, look for the following qualities:

  • You want an attorney with experience. When choosing an attorney for a highly specialized field such as workers’ compensation, it is not enough to find an attorney that has been in practice for a long time. You need an attorney that has worked in that field consistently over the course of their practice or focuses exclusively in that area.
  • You need an attorney who is dedicated. Some attorneys see certain areas of the law as their “bread and butter” basic daily work to pay the bills while they wait for a big windfall settlement. Be sure that you find an attorney that is truly dedicated to helping those who have been injured on the job receive their fair and just settlement.
  • You will enjoy working with an attorney who is enthusiastic. You can have an attorney who is experienced and dedicated to your claim, but if they lack enthusiasm, the claim will feel as laborious as the injury itself. Make sure you find an attorney that relishes their work, wants to work for you, and thrives on winning.

Choosing a workers’ compensation law firm is no small task, but if you follow the above guidelines, you will most likely find an attorney that is the right fit for you. If you or a loved one has been injured on the job and needs help from an attorney who is experienced, dedicated, and enthusiastic about your claim, please contact us for a free consultation.