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What if insurance denies my workers’ compensation claim?

On Behalf of | Jan 15, 2019 | Workers' Compensation

When you found out that your workers’ compensation claim was denied, you may have felt like someone suddenly pulled the rug out from under your feet. What you counted on as a safety net while you recover from your work injury is gone. Who will pay the bills for medical care and living expenses?

Denials Often Happen

The truth is, the majority of worker’s compensation insurance claims get a denial the first time around. Some of the time, the employer’s insurance company only needs some further information to complete the claim. Other times, the reasons for denial are more complex.

Advocating For Your Rights

You have the right to appeal your claim’s denial decision, and you can retain a lawyer to help advocate for your rights. The first step in the appeals process is the Employee’s Claim Petition document. The information in the petition and a report from your doctor may be all that is needed to approve your claim.

Going The Distance

Even if your claim is still in denial status after the petition, you have another opportunity to appeal the decision. You can request a trial with the Office of Administrative Hearings. A judge will hear your case, and witnesses can testify. If the judge denies your claim as well, you can file an appeal with the Minnesota Workers’ Compensation Court of Appeals.

Being a victim of a work injury is hard enough without having to fight for your rights as well. An experienced worker’s compensation attorney can guide you through the entire claim appeal process.