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Common injuries suffered by CNAs

On Behalf of | May 9, 2024 | Workers' Compensation

If you work as a CNA, you’re aware of the stress and strain the job causes to your body. The physical requirements of your job can lead to injuries that can put you out of work until you recover. These injuries could be mild or serious, depending on the circumstances surrounding the injury. It can be helpful to know more about the common injuries CNAs suffer at work so that you’re able to take some precautions to prevent those injuries.

Injuries from lifting

Lifting and moving patients can cause injuries to your back or legs. By learning how to use your body in a way that minimizes the strain on your back, you can prevent many lifting-related injuries. Use good posture and avoid twisting your body when moving patients. When possible, ask for assistance to help distribute the weight more evenly. Use the same precautions when moving equipment, and use carts when possible.

Injuries from sharp objects

Your job often requires you to handle sharp objects, specifically needles, so using extra precaution when handling these objects can prevent injuries. An injury from a needle is not only painful but can lead to transmission of blood-borne diseases, which can be a serious long-term concern. Use properly fitted gloves, and dispose of used needles immediately after use in a proper medical waste container. If you are stuck by a needle, wash your hands thoroughly immediately and watch out for signs of infection.

Injuries from repetitive motions

You likely repeat many motions throughout your workday, which can cause injuries to your body, specifically your hands. Your hands are important tools when working, which means an injury to the nerves, muscles or tendons in your hands can be very serious and may keep you out of work. When you’re forced to repeat motions, be sure to take breaks to rest your hands regularly. Use an ergonomic keyboard when typing, and stop what you’re doing if you feel a numbness or tingling sensation.

What to do when you’re injured at work

Performing your work duties as a CNA is physically demanding and can result in work-related injuries. When you’re injured on the job, you may need time away from work to recover. Even if you have savings for emergencies, you can still suffer financially when you’re forced to take a leave from work. Fortunately, injured workers can seek compensation after a work-related injury.

Employers must maintain workers’ compensation insurance to cover an employee’s work-related injury. By filing a claim, you can get the funds you need to pay your bills while away from work after an injury. An attorney with knowledge of Minnesota’s workers’ compensation laws can help you get started with your claim.