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Can You Move Out-of-State While Collecting Worker’s Compensation?

On Behalf of | Oct 14, 2018 | Workers' Compensation

Who would ever want to move out of Minnesota, right? Unfortunately, life takes us a lot of places and sometimes that means life takes us to another state. While moving is stressful enough with everything to worry about, there is added stress for those that are collecting worker’s compensation benefits. Does it matter if you move out of state? Will it affect those benefits? Who do you even inform in such an event?

Are Worker’s Compensation Benefits Affected By Moving?

If you are moving, the good news is that the validity of your worker’s compensation benefits is not something you need to worry about. If you are still filing for worker’s compensation, it might be to your benefit to postpone the move simply so you will be in the same area for any meetings or court dates, but it doesn’t effect if you can collect benefits.

In essence, when collecting worker’s compensation benefits, your location doesn’t matter. If you were injured on the job in Minnesota and meet the qualification to collect benefits from the state of Minnesota at the time of that accident, then your location will never affect your ability to collect benefits.

However, one small exception to consider is that if you are collecting wage loss benefits, you will only be able to collect if you are employed, as outlined by state law. If you lapse in employment during the move, your benefits will likely be fine if your new location comes with the reasonable expectation of employment. However, if job prospects are poor, you may find that these benefits are in danger of being revoked if you completely withdraw from the labor market.

Moving Affects Medical Care

The only thing in the worker’s compensation process that will be affected by your move to another state is actually your ongoing medical care. When you move to another state or even just to another city, typically you will need to choose new doctors and pharmacies. However, state laws can differ as to who can pick your doctor if you are being covered by medical benefits.

The good news is that you don’t need to sort this out alone. While state laws vary, they are easy to look up. If you are moving while still receiving medical care under worker’s compensation, a short appointment with your worker’s compensation lawyer can help you work out what needs to happen with your medical care in your new state. Furthermore, your lawyer will also be able to help set up appointments with agencies for your other benefits such as helping you make contact with a qualified rehabilitation consultant (QRC) if that is part of your benefits as well.

Filing an Address Change

The most important aspect of moving with worker’s compensation benefits is that you actually receive those benefits. If you are moving, you need to file a change in address for your worker’s compensation as soon as you know your new address so you do not experience a lapse in payment. Furthermore, you definitely don’t want your check ending up at your old address if you don’t live there anymore either.

In order to file a change of address for your worker’s compensation, the process is actually more painless than many people would expect. In essence, all you would need to do is inform your lawyer and they will take care of it. However, if you represented yourself in the process, then you would be in charge of contacting the insurance adjuster in charge of your case directly.

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