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Getting the Best Worker’s Comensation Lawyer in Minnesota

On Behalf of | Oct 30, 2018 | Workers' Compensation

If you live in Minnesota, have been injured at work, and are pursuing worker’s compensation benefits, then you are probably considering whether you need a worker’s compensation attorney. If you do retain an attorney, you want to know that you got the best worker’s compensation Lawyer in Minnesota. However, how can you be sure that you got the best?

To assist you with this task, we have developed a series of questions and considerations for finding quality attorneys. Below is a guide to obtaining the best worker’s compensation attorney.

Why do you need a Minnesota worker’s compensation attorney?

This may seem like a simple question that deserves a simple answer: you want help with your claim. However, it is actually three-fold.

  1. You are seeking an attorney because you have a distinct legal issue with an opponent. Make no mistake, the employer’s insurance company wants to pay as little an award as possible and you need a professional legal advocate to ensure that you receive as much compensation as you deserve.
  2. You are seeking a worker’s compensation attorney, rather than a general practice attorney, because worker’s compensation is a highly technical field that involves specific statutes, administrative and judicial proceedings, specific medical evidence and ratings. You need an attorney that understands worker’s compensation laws and operations to best navigate the process.
  3. You want a Minnesota attorney because worker’s compensation is a state law issue, meaning, that a big box law firm will have a general understanding of worker’s compensation at best. If you live in Minnesota or were injured in Minnesota, you should contact a Minnesota worker’s compensation attorney to handle your claim.

Therefore, if your case is controlled by Minnesota law and you are pursuing a worker’s compensation attorney, you should find an attorney that focuses on worker’s compensation located in Minnesota.

How do you search for an attorney?

You should research your attorney before you sign a contract. There are several different ways to find good attorneys.

  • Ask around. You probably know someone who has used an attorney and possibly someone who has used a worker’s compensation attorney. Ask that person what they liked or did not like about their attorney or experience working with their attorney. They may even have an attorney that they would recommend.
  • Ask an attorney. If you use an attorney for an unrelated issue, such as a divorce or estate issue, ask that attorney who has the best and worst reputation among worker’s compensation attorneys and who he or she would send a family member for a work injury claim. Usually attorneys have a good idea of who provides quality work in their area, but be aware that many attorneys will ask for a fee from the other attorney if they refer you so you should ask if they have a referral fee arrangement with the recommended attorney.
  • Search the web, but be cautious. The internet is a great way to find varied service providers, however, glossy websites can cover the true value of a professional. Before you decide to sign a contract with an attorney, meet with them.
  • Attend a free consultationIf an attorney is offering a free consultation, you have no reason to say no. These meetings help a potential client understand what a law firm will and will not do on a claim and who is obligated to do what (i.e., fill out and file forms, obtain medical records, etc). These meetings also allow the potential client to ask the staff about the firm’s values and what sets the firm apart from other worker’s compensation firms in the area.

Experiencing a workplace injury is already difficult without the added stress of fighting an insurance company benefits. If you or someone you love need an experienced worker’s compensation attorney in Minnesota, please contact us for a free consultation.