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The Three Types of Worker’s Compensation Settlements

For most, they believe that the end of their worker’s compensation case is when they settle. The injured worker and the insurance company have both come to an agreement on how much you will receive and that is the end of it. For some claims, it is true, that will be the end. However, every worker’s compensation lawyer has at least one call a week from someone who settled “ages ago” but need to know if they can re-open it for any variety of reasons.

The truth is if you need to re-open a worker’s compensation claim, it is all about the sort of settlement that you received. When it comes to filing for worker’s compensation, most people are focused on getting an adequate settlement, not on if they can re-open the case later if they need to. However, if you are curious if your worker’s compensation could be opened again, you need only to examine which of these three settlements you received. Our Minnesota Worker’s Compensation Lawyer can help you!

The Three Settlements of Worker’s Compensation

Often when it comes to which settlement type to fight for, that will sit with your worker’s compensation attorney. They will examine your work injury and if it is something that might get worse later on or has already been strongly debated, they may try to fight for one settlement type over some others in order to get you the best possible outcome.

Full, Final, and Complete Settlement

This is your standard settlement. The insurance company will offer you a lump sum to finally close out all worker’s compensation benefits past, present, and future. You will want your worker’s compensation lawyer to go over the settlement offer always before deciding to make sure you are getting everything that is fair. This is because once you agree there is no undoing it. With this sort of settlement, there is no chance of re-opening it.

Full, Final, and Complete Settlement With A Medical Open

Similar to the above settlement, if you get a settlement with a medical open clause, it means that you can re-open it if your medical state changes. This doesn’t mean you can get further compensation for unrelated injuries, but if you have an injury where there is some debate as to if it will cause further issues or disability, you will want to lobby for a medical open clause. As an example, if you hurt your shoulder and it seems to be healing just fine, if you had a medical open clause and if your shoulder needed surgery somewhere down the line because it was injured, then you can get coverage for it.

To Date Settlement

This sort of settlement is less common, but something you should strongly consider pursuing if you have a really strong case. In a to date settlement, the insurance company basically agrees to cover all medical bills through a certain date. They will also keep the claim open when it comes to future wage loss and any vocational claims as well. Essentially this keeps your options open for future claims. Contact Minnesota Worker’s Compensation Lawyer Joshua Borken today!

Need A Minnesota Worker’s Compensation Lawyer?

While a settlement may be a good option for you, you do not have to settle if you and your worker’s compensation attorney believe it is best. Settling in worker’s compensation is always options. However, in order to decide if you want to settle, you need to get to the end of the process. If you were hurt at work in Minnesota and are just beginning the worker’s compensation process, contact us today. Let the Law Office of Joshua Borken fight for you to make sure that your work injuries get the compensation they deserve and you don’t get stuck with the bill.