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Dealing with COVID-19 Tragedy in the Workplace

by | Nov 11, 2020 | Uncategorized, Workers' Compensation

COVID-19 cases have been increasing all throughout the state but are especially prevalent in rural areas such as our own Hibbing, MN. These cases are being commonly found in nursing homes and care centers, with cases amongst the residents and the staff alike. Many of our workers’ compensation clients live in Hibbing and with the current circumstances, it’s important for individuals who work in these areas to know that they may be entitled to compensation if they are exposed to COVID-19 while on the job. For people that work in nursing homes and care centers that contract COVID-19 at work, you are entitled to compensation and would be covered by workers’ compensation. The same can be said for individuals who witness the death of a resident on site. While death is a normal part of working in senior housing or senior care facilities, the sheer magnitude of deaths in senior living facilities due to COVID-19 can take an extra toll on nurses, PCA’s and caregivers. Often times, the care giver will experience PTSD from this tragic event, which is covered by workers’ compensation. These cases are frequently denied by insurance companies because PTSD claims can be extensive. For anyone that is working in a care facility and contracts COVID-19, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are here to help those in need. Thank you to our brave nurses and care giving staff in this difficult time.