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The strain of patient handling could lead to severe back pain

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2022 | Work Injuries

While operating in the field of nursing can be a highly rewarding profession, it can also prove stressful and demanding at times. If you are a nurse, you may treat numerous patients every day, and while some of your patients may only require frequent monitoring, this might not be the case for every patient. 

Minnesota nurses may often help lift, shift or move patients, or even support their weight while helping manage and treat their health concerns. While patient handling might simply be a part of your job, it could also place significant strain on your back, and injuries to this area may carry a variety of health repercussions. 

The symptoms 

The strain patient handling places on your back could continue to build up over time, and injuries to this area could create various challenges in your life. Some of the most common symptoms of back injuries for nurses may include: 

  • Intense pain: Persistent and intense pain is one of the most common symptoms of back injuries, and similar issues could affect your ability to perform tasks or disrupt your concentration. 
  • Radiating sensations: Sensations of numbness and pain from such health concerns could also radiate through various parts of your body, whether up to your shoulders or down to your feet. 
  • Fever and swelling: Studies also indicate that back pain could present with severe swelling or inflammation in your back, and such issues could also cause you to run a fever. 
  • Bladder/bowel: Back injuries could also cause you to encounter issues with bladder or bowel control. Seeking treatment for similar health concerns could prove integral to protecting your well-being.  

This is only a brief list of the symptoms you might experience with back injuries, and it may come as no surprise that such health concerns could take a dire toll on your health and career. 

Financial aid during recovery 

Back pain continues to be one of the most common work-related injuries in many fields of profession. Similar health concerns could leave you facing a long road to recovery, and the idea of losing income during this process may only add to the stress of your situation. Fortunately, you don’t have to face this alone. Seeking guidance on your options for aid could help you better prepare to take the necessary steps to protect your financial future and approach the recovery process with peace of mind.