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Addressing some of the most common safety concerns for nurses

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2022 | Health Care Worker Injuries

It may come as no surprise that nurses play a significant role in the health care process, and as a nurse, you may help treat a multitude of patients every day. While being a nurse can be exceedingly rewarding, your job may also require you to perform arduous tasks that may place significant strain on your body.

Should you suffer any type of injury at work, the fallout could take a dire toll on your ability to perform job-related tasks. Understanding some of the most common safety concerns for nurses in Minnesota could help you take steps to protect your well-being, or help you prepare to protect your interests should the unthinkable occur.

Nursing injuries

While there may be numerous types of injuries you could suffer while caring for your patients, some health concerns may be more prevalent in the nursing field, such as:

  • Fall-related injuries: Nurses may often work in environments in which issues like liquid spills are common. Anything that creates a slippery surface may increase the risk of dangerous slip-and-fall accidents.
  • Handling patients: Lifting, supporting and transporting patients are all examples of job tasks that can place pressure and strain on your body. Such issues are leading causes of injuries among nurses.
  • Overexertion injuries: The risks of overexertion and repetitive strain injuries also remain common concerns for nurses. Injuries stemming from such concerns can have a devastating impact on your life.
  • Acts of violence: It might not always be possible to tell how patients might respond to your presence. A sudden and unexpected act of violence could also leave you with serious injuries.

Issues with inadequate staffing could leave you with extensive workloads. Being overworked is a type of safety issue that could take a dire toll on your well-being.

After an accident

A workplace accident could affect you in various ways, and while some nursing injuries may heal with time, others could have a lingering effect on your life. The financial challenges of losing wages during recovery could also place a significant strain on your life.

While you may be eligible for aid via workers’ compensation benefits, preparing to file a claim can be an intimidating process. Fortunately, you don’t have to face this alone. Seeking guidance in navigating the process could help you prepare to seek the full amount of benefits achievable through all applicable outlets.