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The impact of repetitive motion injuries on a worker’s health

On Behalf of | Feb 24, 2023 | Workers' Compensation

While some types of workplace safety hazards may be somewhat apparent in nature, others might prove more difficult to detect at times. If your job requires you to perform the same tasks over and over for hours on end, you might not be aware of the strain similar motions could place on your body.

Repetitive motions continue to be a leading cause of work-related injuries, and similar conditions might take time to manifest symptoms. However, this does not mean that such injuries will not prove severe in nature, as some repetitive motion injuries could leave you facing long-term or even permanent health repercussions.

Repetitive motion injuries

Carpal tunnel syndrome and tendinitis are two common examples of health concerns that may stem from repetitive motion strain. Some examples of symptoms you might encounter could include:

  • Extremities: Repetitive motions could place you at risk of developing sensations of numbness, tingling or weakness in your extremities. In some cases, you may also encounter a loss of feeling in these areas.
  • Neck and shoulders: Similar injuries could also lead to intense aches and pain in your shoulders and neck. Sensations of pain or weakness may radiate through various parts of your body.
  • Back pain: Performing the same motions over and over may also place significant strain on your back, especially if you carry out these tasks while in an awkward position that makes it difficult to maintain a healthy posture.
  • Loss of control: Studies also indicate that such injuries may cause you to suffer a loss of mobility or lead to difficulties using your hands and fingers, which can take a dire toll on various aspects of your life.

Any type of repetitive motion could place significant strain on tissues and nerves in various parts of your body. Injuries stemming from similar issues may take a devastating toll on your health.

The possible impact

Repetitive motion injuries remain a common concern in many professions, and regardless of your field, such health concerns could diminish your ability to perform job tasks. Loss of income during recovery and the costs of medical care may do little to help your situation and may leave you with questions about your available options for aid. Seeking guidance on the next steps to take after suffering injuries at work and in preparing to navigate the workers’ compensation insurance system could prove integral to safeguarding your Minnesota future.