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3M prioritizes worker safety

by | Apr 3, 2017 | Uncategorized

Minnesota is known for its large businesses. One of those businesses, 3M, is a technology leader. You probably know about products like Post-it Notes and Scotch tape, but 3M makes plenty of other products.

3M is leading the way in worker safety by being at the forefront of technology and training.

A recent report shows how the company has made safety a priority. 3M owns several products in the safety industry, and is continuing to expand in the area. In doing so, part of their goal is to show how the products their engineers produce should be properly used.

As one 3M employee says in the story, ““We don’t want to drop off our equipment with (customers) and just say, ‘Well, good luck.’”

Employees working on large scale construction projects, including sports stadiums, often use 3M products. In each case, 3M not only provided the safety equipment, but made sure workers were properly trained on using the products.

Stories like this underscore the benefits of using proper equipment and being properly trained. Safety equipment is only valuable if it is used correctly. That means employees need to know what equipment should be used for what tasks, and have been taught the proper use.

3M is one of many companies that manufacture safety equipment. It is great to see them not only prioritizing safety through their sales, but taking the time to ensure employees buying their products are properly trained.