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What are America’s most common workplace safety violations?

by | May 9, 2017 | Uncategorized

When you show up to your Minnesota job each day, you probably assume at least some level of risk, although certain professions are undeniably riskier than others. Regardless of how severe the hazards associated with your industry are, your employer has an obligation to protect you to the fullest extent possible.

Regrettably, this does not always happen, and Safety + Health reports that there are some workplace safety violations that are far more common than others. When proper precautions are not taken, you and everyone else in the workplace may pay the price, so it is important to recognize these common lapses so that you can call attention to them and see that the problems are remedied. The single-most common workplace safety violation in America has to do with employers not taking proper steps to prevent falls. This might mean workers are not wearing proper safety gear that will protect them in the event of falls, and it may, too, mean employees are not under adequate supervision or equipped with proper safety systems.

Chemical hazards, too, pose a serious threat for the American workforce. If you work in an environment where hazardous materials are present, it is important that you undergo specialized training so that you can recognize and avoid these hazards, and spot the signs of potential exposure. Additional common safety violations seen in America have to do with scaffolding, and companies’ failure to adhere to safety requirements surrounding scaffolding, and respiratory protection. Employers in certain fields have a duty to establish and maintain safety procedures as part of a respiratory protection program for workers, but many fail to do so.

While this information about common workplace safety violations seeks to be informative, it is not a substitute for legal advice.