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How can you help if you witness a workplace injury?

by | Sep 25, 2017 | Uncategorized

Each day when you arrive at work, you are faced with a unique set of risks depending on the type of industry you work in, your responsibilities and even your level of management and expertise. Protecting yourself and the people you work with is a direct result of your attention to following the rules, regulations and protocols put into place by higher authorities. However, as a part of the Minnesota workforce, you never know if you will witness a workplace injury.

According to the Health & Safety Handbook, you can make a difference and help protect others if you witness a workplace injury by doing the following things:

  • Request immediate help: The first thing you should do is contact someone for help. Before doing anything else, be sure that the injured worker is being attended to.
  • Block the area of the incident: Protect other workers by notifying them of the circumstance and encouraging them to stay away from the area of the incident. Do your best to block the area off which can serve to protect others, as well as preserve any evidence that could be needed during an investigation.
  • Guarantee consistent communication: Even though dramatic circumstances can be alarming and cause stress and shock, your ability to remain calm and collected can help things not to get worse. One way you can do this is to maintain consistent communication with involved parties. For example, notify your supervisor and remain on the scene to assist authorities with witness reports.

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