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Repetitive stress injuries on construction sites

by | Oct 2, 2017 | Uncategorized

Workers on construction sites in Minnesota face many possible injuries. While some are quite obvious, such as falls or electrocution risks, others may not be so clear, yet these injuries can be just as serious. Repetitive stress injuries, according to the National Safety Council, are injuries caused by doing a motion over and over. These injuries are often associated with office workers or even athletes, but construction workers are at just as much risk when they are performing the same tasks for long periods of time over many days.

One of the characteristics of this type of injury is they take time to manifest and gradual get worse. Workers should be informed on what a repetitive stress injury may feel like so they can recognize the symptoms. Catching this type of injury early is essential to preventing it from getting worse and leading to a more serious, long-term condition.

Health Day provides further tips for construction workers to avoid repetitive stress injuries. Taking regular breaks is important for workers who are doing the same task continuously. For example, a worker who is hammering pieces all day every day, should get regular breaks to rest his or her arm and prevent injury to the wrists and shoulders. If a worker is sitting, he or she should be given a proper ergonomic chair and workspace to prevent needless strain. Finally, workers should be given ergonomic tools. This includes tools with shock-absorbing handles that fit into the hand well. Employers who take these steps can often avoid claims of repetitive stress injuries.