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How long does temporary total disability last?

by | Nov 21, 2017 | Uncategorized

After your on-the-job injury in Minnesota, you may wonder how long your temporary total disability benefits will last. This may be a cause for concern, as your ability to recover depends on the payments that provide some of your lost wages while you must stay off your feet at home. According to the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry, your TTD benefits may stop for a number of reasons, and in some cases, they may be reinstated.

Once you are cleared to go back to work, either in your former position or in a new one that you have received vocational rehabilitation for, you no longer qualify for TTD. If you have the opportunity to take a job that is appropriate to your level of recovery, but you refuse it, your benefits will still be terminated. Likewise, if you decide not to go back to work for an unrelated reason, such as a decision to become a stay-at-home parent, your benefits would stop.

After 130 weeks of TTD payments, your benefits will stop. If you have not been paid for the full 130 weeks, but you attempt to go back to work and are unable to continue, your benefits will recommence until the 130 weeks have been paid. If your payments were terminated because you did not seek gainful employment after you were released to do so, but you begin a serious job search within 90 days after you reached maximum medical improvement, your benefits may be reinstated.

Other conditions for discontinuation of benefits or their reinstatement may apply, depending on your circumstances. Therefore, this information should not be interpreted as legal advice.